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Such a furniture Co., Ltd.


      I was a young father looking for different baby furniture for my lovely daughter. I wished to create a place 

where my daughter can sleep safely and where she can play happily. Finally, I found some great furniture which brought a fantastic childhood. 

     Then I wanted to make great products accessible to more children, 

     MAOYUTONG was established. These good designs has been exported to many countries. 

     We work hard to build long-term relationship in all parts of designs, quality and delivery. 

     Maoyutong is dedicated to provide you easy and secure imported experience.


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Why choose us

 Wood Bed. Table Set. Chair.

      1. OEM ;

      2. Material: import by ourselvers,cost advantages;

      3. FSC. BSCI. EUTR ;

      4. Good Machine : Electronic painting line , CNC , electronic press machine etc.

      5.100 workers , 15x40HQ/Month ;

      6. Supply for JYSK : Know much about us

professional design team
professional design team
professional design team
professional design team

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